April October
Analogic & Rashid Hadee - Serenade For The Moment EP

April October spittin bars from off the A Change Gon’ Come mixtape

This is an ill remix I did for my homie Silent Knight. Somewhere when whoever put it on youtube uploaded it, it got all “compressed” sounding- but you still get the feel for this shit. “Forgotten Boro (Rashid Hadee Remix)”

A dope track I did with my homie KING and this is produced by Visto. Chitown underground shit, you know it! This is “Rain”.

Yo I really dont know how this version of this song ended up on youtube, being that it didnt make the final cut for the Serenade For The Moment EP -but I think it’s dope that somebody uploaded it. That’s wassup! This is some unreleased shit and one of my fav joints. “Locked Down (Remix)”

The original version kicks ass too

This was technically the first April October track to be featured on anything! Yep “Whatever It Takes”, might need to re-mix/master this…

Nobody still didnt notice I chopped this sample to sound similar to the “Royalty” beat, haha!

Directed by Cam Be. Few of these scenes were shot at my crib.

Another classic Hadee production on this Abstract Mindstate banger from off Chicago’s Hardest Working Vol.2. That shit was so ill. I gotta get a link up on here for that mixtape soon, not sure when tho. Prob speed up the process if you let me know you want it in the comments

i remember this time period when this vid first dropped. good times man, good times. now look, this vid got over 40K views, thats dope. That’s Danny Cerezini skating if you aint know- and that song is “Time-Less” from off me and Analogic's joint.

Pugs Atomz & Rashid Hadee - Stormy LP


01. Stormy Intro (ft. DJ Intel) [prod. Rashid Hadee]
02. Back Again [prod. Rashid Hadee]
03.Coolest Dudes (ft. Spqher) [prod. Race Tacula]
04. Stormy (Get In To It) [prod. Rashid Hadee]
05. A Different Kind of Funny (ft. Spqher) [prod. by Rashid Hadee]
06. Tell You About It [prod. Random Ram Nation]
07. Soundin Like [prod. Rashid Hadee]
08. I Know (Changes) [prod. Tall Black Guy]
09. In The Air [prod. Rashid Hadee]
10. I Read Your Lips [prod. Rashid Hadee]
11. Hand on the Bible (ft. Von Pea) [prod. Fathom 9]
12. Mercy [prod. Rashid Hadee]
13. I’ll Wait For You [prod. Rashid Hadee]
14. Baby Please [prod. Duro]
15. Take the Hurt Away [prod. Hakeem Hunter]
16. Another Day [prod. Grant Parks]

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