April October
Pugs Atomz & Rashid Hadee - Stormy LP


01. Stormy Intro (ft. DJ Intel) [prod. Rashid Hadee]
02. Back Again [prod. Rashid Hadee]
03.Coolest Dudes (ft. Spqher) [prod. Race Tacula]
04. Stormy (Get In To It) [prod. Rashid Hadee]
05. A Different Kind of Funny (ft. Spqher) [prod. by Rashid Hadee]
06. Tell You About It [prod. Random Ram Nation]
07. Soundin Like [prod. Rashid Hadee]
08. I Know (Changes) [prod. Tall Black Guy]
09. In The Air [prod. Rashid Hadee]
10. I Read Your Lips [prod. Rashid Hadee]
11. Hand on the Bible (ft. Von Pea) [prod. Fathom 9]
12. Mercy [prod. Rashid Hadee]
13. I’ll Wait For You [prod. Rashid Hadee]
14. Baby Please [prod. Duro]
15. Take the Hurt Away [prod. Hakeem Hunter]
16. Another Day [prod. Grant Parks]

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