April October

Look what I just found, check this shit out LOL came out dope. Shout out to my homies Pugs AtomzMulatto Patriot and The Primeridan. This joint was produced by Mulatto Patriot.

Pugs Atomz “Hey yall” produced by Mulatto Patriot feat. Rashid Hadee & Primeridan….we recorded this record back in 2009 for DJ. ILLANOISE’s mixtape REVENGE OF THE BACK PACKS….Top Cat is one of my favorite cartoons and De La Soul is one of my favorite groups. So when MP played the beat I had the vision and visual. I always liked the posse cut energy on this record, so when my BBE album Decade was put together I had to include this song….Edited by me btw. Enjoy

I claim no rights (monetary or otherwise) to any TOP CAT cartoons sound bites etc… I just think it was a great cartoon and felt it fit the music.

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