April October
*DOWNLOAD* Rashid Hadee - Hadiesel: The Fuel Up Mixtape

Download (mediafire) Rashid Hadee - Hadiesel: The Fuel Up


01. Hadiesel Intro*

02. Hadiesel*

03. Look My Way Feat. KING*

04. Magnificent Feat. Augustine & The Primeridian*

05. Brotherhood (snippet) (Prod. by Cash Flow)

06. Dont Wanna Fuck With Me Feat. Melatone (Prod. by J. Dilla)

07. People Goin Down (Prod. by Hi-Tek)

08. A Change Is Gonna Come (Interlude)

09. A Change Is Gonna Come Part 2 Feat. Spq-Her*

10. Just Like America Feat. Big Wiz (Prod. By Big Wiz)

11. Someday (Prod. by Analogic)

12. The Best Sex Ever (Prod. by Madlib)

13. Workmen’s Compensation (Prod. by J. Slikk)

14. Temptation Feat. Shogun & Obese*

15. Dazed Enuff Feat. Thaione Davis*

16. My Street (Rashid Hadee Remix) Feat. Melatone*

17. End Of The Day (Prod. by King I Divine)

*Prod. by Rashid Hadee

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